City SUP tours 

Let's go down the rivers of the biggest cities of the Lithuania, enjoying their panoramic and beautiful natural views.

Morning and evening tours are recommended for everyone who wants to discover the secret beauty of cities. It is hard to even describe how beautiful the landscapes that could be seen while paddling down the river are. You will discover spectacular views of the city hidden from the usual hiker. This is a great opportunity to take a refreshing break from the daily routine and spend a few hours down the  river in the chosen city.​

VILNIUS TOURS - perfect way to see Vilnius from another angle.

Morning tour: Start your morning or enjoy the wonderful sunset while paddling down the Neris river – river which flows through the city center. 

The tour starts at 6:30 on a city beach just a few kilometers from the city center. At first you will be surrounded by nature - you will not hear any bustle of the city around you. Only the soothing sounds of birds. But later, the city will show a different face - the most famous tourist destinations from another perspective. The amazing St. Peter and Paul Church, Gediminas Castle, Raduškevičiai Palace, Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theater, the Apostle Philip and Jacob's Church, and other charming Old Town objects will accompany you during the whole tour.

Evening tour: After a tiring working day relax your body and ease your mind from all the problems. The tour starts on Žirmūnų Beach at 19 o'clock. This is a great opportunity to admire the sightseeing of Vilnius both for city dwellers and guests of the city.

KAUNAS TOURS - discover the beauty of a lovely city adored by all Lithuanians.

The tour will start right after Railroad (The Green) bridge and M.K. Čiurlionis bridge. Once you are on the river you'll paddle by Nemunas island where Žalgiris arena stands following nature views to admire on both sides of the river. Soon after you will pass the island, Kaunas old-town architecture will start on your right. You will pass under Aleksotas bridge right after which the magnificent view of Vytautas‘ the Great church will open up. In a distance behind the church you will be able to see a towers of the Town Hall. The tour will be finished in the heart of Kaunas - Confluence Park.

Morning tour starts at 6:30 when evening does at 19:00.

The price of the tour is 15 Eur per person (the price includes all the necessary equipment, instruction). For larger groups, discounts  might be applicable. For more details  or booking please contact us

Vilnius Evening Tour
Vilnius Evening Tour
Vilnius Morning Coffee Tour
Vilnius Evening Tour
Vilnius Tour
Vilnius Evening Tour
Vilnius Evening Tour
Kaunas Morning Tour
Vilnius Evening Tour


“I could never imagine that SUP can become an addiction. It is your passion, strong emotions but at the same time relaxation and escape from your daily routine.”

— Kate