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Paddle for the first time - how does it feel?

SUP businesses exist for quite a long already, however, they are still developing and starting to boom in popularity. For the countries where there is no ocean or sea its a cool kind of surfing that does not require specific mood of the water or waves. You can easily pick a board with all the equipment ang just go to any lake or a river that seems pretty to you.

SUP has so many benefits that you can feel on yourself: it is a way of fitness and activity, a source of getting adrenalin, a way of relaxation and last, but not the least, a way of exploring cities, towns or wild nature from the river side.

Paddling in Dzukijos Region (Nature Tour)

When you start doing SUP it becomes your hobby, a true addiction. In my case, believe you or not, when I was away from Lithuania for couple of weeks I felt a need of paddling on a board, I was missing it, missing getting all those emotions and feelings from SUP. And if you ask about which exactly emotions I am getting from paddling, I cannot tell you just couple of words. It is such a mixture: excitement, calmness, joy, satisfaction, happiness, cheer, amuse, etc. Hard to explain, the best way is just to try. What is more, for everybody those emotions can be different, however, all of them are so positive. Moreover, every time I was doing paddling sessions (and it was quite a lot of them), I got different emotions, even on same routes. It is the activity where you cannot get bored.

Zirmunu Beach - A starting point of Vilnius Urban Tour

I remember the very first time I went to try paddling. I came to goSUP starting point in Vilnius which is located in Zirmunu beach, saw the boards and inside there were two fighting feelings: a fear with curiosity. I was afraid if I will be able to stand on the board, if I will be paddling in a right way, if I will fall or something. But the interest won! And what I can recommend to everybody who are also pretty curious but trembling – just go and paddle at the nearest tour available! Do not wait for the time when you stop worrying, you will only waste time. When you try it, you will understand how useless the fear was.

I set with my knees to the board and was paddling for couple of minutes like this as was still afraid to stand up.

Zirmunu Beach

When I saw that other people were standing on foot already, I thought «Am I worse than them? If they can do – I can do it too!». For some minutes I was concentrating on the balance, feeling all muscles, but then started paddling and saw that its not scary at all! I was just paddling and enjoying. And asked myself :«Why haven't you tried it before? It is so amazing!» The rest of the way I was looking at the nature, then to the sightseengs, monuments, buildings and bridges of the city. It was a weird but very fun feelings to view it from water. However, the feelings are different from those when you are on the boat. Probably because on SUP you have all control of the board and you are so close to the water.

SUP is an amazing time to relax, forget about your daily issues and recharge your brain for new achievements. Paddle boards have a power to inspire you really strong. SUP is your best friend either you have hardest or happiest times in your life. Go SUP!