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SUP Destinations – Lithuania.

Updated: May 2, 2019

Lithuania is quite a small country compared to many other European countries. However, it contains such charming views: its nature, sightseeings full of history.

If we think about places for paddling on SUP, Lithuania is quite rich on it. We would divide those places on the ones from which you can explore its cities (Vilnius, Kaunas, Trakai) with castles, towers, cathedrals, beautiful bridges and cute buildings and to those where you can enjoy the wild nature untouched by a human with its trees, animals and birds, amazing water flowers (however, Trakai tour can go into both of the categories and you will see why further). We will shortly describe some of our common destinations for you to have some imagination and be able to decide which route you might want to paddle.

Go SUP and explore various places of Lithuania

Urban tour places.

In today's post we will tell about 2 cities where we are arranging city tours in the evenings and mornings. We have described the main sightseeings that you will see during the paddling sessions, but you definitely need to discover them for yourself while walking across the city too.

1. Vilnius Tour

Vilnius. Probably the first city that comes in mind when speaking aout Lithuania. It has a lot of remains of medieval buildings, churches in Baroque and Classicism. The historic center is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site and 69% of the area is occupied by green spaces. It is a nice city that is a lot smaller compared to other european capitals, but it is so cute and calm! This is very interesting to know that 26 kilometers to the north of Vilnius, in the village of Purnushkes the geographical center of Europe is located.

At the final point of Vilnius Tour - after a White pedestrian Bridge.

The starting point of the tour is located in Zirmunai Beach, a very peaceful and nice place where locals and tourists have rest, sunbathing and swimming when the weather is warm and sunny. You get up on the board and start paddling… Almost first half of the way the river is surrounded by trees and bushes, calming silence. The views can really relax your mind. After that, when you cross Zirmunu Bridge, the green views start being changed by urban sights. You see modern buildings, graffiti wall; the city starts being a bit noisy. When you are getting close to the King Mindaugas Bridge you start observing sightseeings: The Hill of Crosses, The Gedimino Tower on the hill, the National Museum of Lithuania and the Museum of Applied Arts.

Getting ready to start the tour. Žirmunu beach.

The view of the bridge is also such magnificent. Probably one of the most beautiful bridges (if not the most beautiful!). Two more bridges and you are on the finish point. While this you will hear a true buzz of Vilnius, see tourists exploring the city and locals having nice walks with their friends or family. But this is in the evening. If you take a morning tour you will see people running to their workplaces not to be late and cope will al their plans for the day. At the end of the tour you feel so refreshed, speaking about your mind. As many times I was taking this tour – each of them brought me some new feelings. It never gets boring! Getting down the board you feel inspired, you are up to reaching new goals and creating new things. It is a true amazing tour that brings you only positivity.

2. Trakai tour

Trakai town is itself very small, calm, relaxing. Local people love to come here for at least a day with families to unwind and completely change the surrounding. The town is surrounded by many lakes that are connected with each other; so you can see the entire town from the water.

Let the tour begin!

The starting point of SUPLithuania is located to the left from Trakai Castle, which is just in the middle of the biggest lake. Paddling on the lakes are pure relaxation. Besides it you can explore some history if you paddle around the castle or go closer to Uzutrakio Manor and palace and park complex. You can basically go to any lake you will find nice for you. Fresh air, light breeze, birds’ songs, sounds of water… Do you know a better way to reboot?

Paddling around the Trakai Castle

You can paddle, you can drift, you can take pictures of amazing coastline. And you won’t be just alone on the water, you will see ducks and geese splashing in the water, catching fish who are eating grass near the coast. It is a really touching view! After your session just next to the start and finish point of SUPLithuania you find couple of nice cafes where you can take a cup of tea or wine to finish up the experience of the trip.

In the next post we will tell about one more city where we are making SUP tours and about night tours. Stay tuned!

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