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SUP Destinations – Lithuania (part 2).

Previously we have posted about SUP places in Lithuania where you can enjoy paddling sessions. We have told about two cities where we are making Urban Tours - Vilnius and Trakai. Here we would like to tell about another city - Kaunas and other type of a tour we are making - Nature Tours. So, lets continue!

Urban Tour Places.

Kaunas tour

Kaunas is probably the most favorite city by the locals (also it is the most mono-ethnical city, where Lithuanians counts as for 93% of the population). It is located in the place where the Neris River flows into Nemunas River, and both rivers are so fine to observe the city from the water. For a long time in the past it was the capital of the country.

Starting the tour...

There are located so many architectural monuments among which are Kaunas Castle, Town Hall, Gothic Basilica of St. Peter and Paul, St. Michael Church and others. What is more, this is the cultural center of the country; artists, poets, composers, whose works are now represented in numerous city museums - the M. Zhilinskas Picture Gallery, the Maironis Museum of Lithuanian Literature, and the M.K. Curlionis. Also of interest are the Museum of Ceramics, the Museum of Folk Music, the Museum of Medicine and Pharmaceutics, and the Military Museum of Vytautas the Great.

Kaunas has great gastronomical places: cafes and restaurants, chocolate shops and candy shops to which people from whole Lithuania sometimes come only to enjoy great meals or sophisticated deserts in charming atmosphere. The unusual and interesting fact is that in Kaunas, there is the world's only Museum of Devils, in which more than 3000 images of Devils are presented. So you will definitely have a lot to see in the city and believe, you wont regret going for paddling and some small city tour for yourself to learn more about Lithuanian culture and history.

Explore sightseeings from the water.

The tour starts after Railroad (The Green) Bridge and M.K. Čiurlionis Bridge. You will pass Nemunas Island where Žalgiris arena stands following nature views to admire on both sides of the river. When you pass the island, Kaunas old-town architecture start on the right side of the river. You pass under Aleksotas Bridge right after which the magnificent view of Vytautas‘ the Great church opens up. In a distance behind the church you are able to see a towers of the Town Hall. The tour is finished in the heart of Kaunas - Confluence Park. This way, before and after the tour you have the opportunity to see any other sightseeing of the city in a traditional way – on foot.

Nature Tours.

Varena District

Among our nature tours we have couple of destinations. The one we describe here is located near Varena town and takes about 15 kilometers of length. It includes paddling on two lakes and two rivers. The first river is very narrow and has many sharp turns.

Feel the power of nature

It is surrounded by reeds and very long grass. At first it takes you to concentrate on your paddling technique, because on the turns it is significant to turn very carefully (you may fall into water from the board, however, it is fun and teaches you to be more nimble). On the very hard areas it can require you to sit on the board to be more stable. Then on the sides of the river trees appear. There the river flows into a big lake. In front of you such a picture appears that you think you could see only on pictures!

The water line and the skyline are divided by the green color of the forest, so here we take a small lunch break. As far as the lake is quite big, the wind is anyway taking your board to some side of the lake. This lake is also a home for a swan pair who takes care of small swans, and this is so cute. After a small break and sunbathing on the boards the way continues. And this way is quite harder compared to the one passed. We paddle into another river surrounded by trees, closed from the sunshine. You will have to work a bit hard to go over trees that fell into water. But the sound of the place is charming: flowing water, songs of bugs and birds, you can even see fishes flowing under water. Just one word – unforgettable!

Narrow river at the beginning of the tour

The last point is another lake that looks different from the previous one. It is all covered with yellow and white water lilies. It seems like you are paddling on a colorful carpet. You even observe stork birds in the water near the coast catching frogs and fishes to have a good lunch. So we paddle through the lake and… here is the finish point. The way usually takes about 4 hours but they run so fast that you do not even notice it. And then when you go on the ground you feel how tired you are. But this is a nice feeling of fatigue.

This was the 2nd part of our blog about places in Lithuania to paddle, however we still have a small but a pretty exciting part. So, stay tuned for it!

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